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EF Barrett
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E F Barrett Agency Inc
Office Number (412) 824-3360 Ext. 10
Fax Number (412) 824-9898
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Known as 'E.F. ...
Entered the insurance business as Edward F. Barrett as a local agent for National Life & Accident Ins.Co. in November 1968..
Became 'Independent' as Edward F. Barrett Agency in May of 1970..
Founded and organized as East McKeesport Agency in May of 1973.
    Still in operation as an agency of E.F.Barrett Agency,Inc.

Incorporated as E.F.Barrett Agency,Inc. in May of 1987..
     An agency Servicing over 4,000 active insurance clients..
     Representing over 30 A rated insurance companies..
     Licensed in 4 states..
Founded Agency Motor Club,Inc. in June of 1991..
    A nationwide Road & travel Assistance service for insurance clients of  all of the above, and,
    the general public
    Operating in all 50 states..

Founded Agency Management Services in 2013.

E.F., Currently assists in managing EFBAINC, but is always available for calls and/or appontmenets, meetings, etc.